(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Mikey The Mole #1

Mikey the Mole came calling
One sunny August day
He had no respect for my flowers
Got busy with no further delay

My lovely roses have quit bloomin’
Mounds of dirt Mikey upward did shove
He poked and prodded and ate
My rose roots that I buried with love

Did not matter that some of my roses
Came from my brother’s garden when he died
They mean a whole lot to me
And my ‘specially prepared dirt I relied

My husband has set a trap now
Oh no, I don’t want Mikey to get hurt
I’m hoping that he will move on
And stop pushing up all of this dirt

But, I guess that’s just mother nature
Little creatures like this at times take a tole
But I just wanted to share with you
My problem with Mikey the Mole!

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Comments (2)

Marilyn, the truth is: I thought Mikey was a rabbit or a dog. I didn't know that Mikey is literally a mole. I didn't even know what a mole is, other than the other definitions of it - so, I looked it up and now I know that Mikey was a small, insect eating, burrowing animal and moles are very cute animals under the Family Talpidae - but they can be destructive like the squirrels that eat a lot of our guavas and apples in our backyard. Suffice to say, I hope up that he is now in Mole heaven doing what he does best - just being himself. A beautiful, touching tribute to one of God's creatures. PS: I hope your better half is feeling better about all this.
Hi Marilyn. Poor old mickey but a very nice rhyme. well done Dave T.