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Milch Cow Betrayed
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Milch Cow Betrayed

With apologies to the great Rabbie – The Mouse and the Man.

Worried, wearied, puzzled voter
Likewise many another floater
On seas political
And all the host who never poll – beware

Look right look left and in the middle
From labour new to touched up Tory
Politicos of every hue
Span palest pink to brightest blue
They'll spin a wondrous story
We’re targets a’ for a’ that.

The milch cow stands betrayed
The promised benefits delayed
Just five more years
Say twice a day should fix it;
For a’ that effort, sweat and tears
Our benefits not mounting
We toiled too hard for a’ that

While hosts of experts flying kites
Scrape by on bare expenses
Advance schemes brave and bold
Rethink, retreat then put on hold
These could come back to haunt us
We’re targets a for a’ that

The crystal ball is wreathed in doubts
While promises dispel them
Hopes spring on wings that fly on high
Then fall to earth with many a sigh
We’re targets a’ for a’ that

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Aye, we're disillusioned for a' that. Nice work