As I lay down to sleep I feel the weight of the world begin to shift
as it disintegrates and begins to sift, through the cracks in my fingers
The sandy pile it left on the floor is your foul complexion
I boot I like a double overtime championship clenching goal
and watch as the million fragments are escorted by the thin air, as you float away
my lips never part, but I hear my voice bellow
BITCH, you stay out of my nightmares, you stay out of my dreams
dehydrate you back into memories
... I thought you were gone
No, No, it's all relative
Even when you were alive you had no skin on your skeleton

by Tyler Comstock

Comments (12)

The tear that would have soothed it all. - - - That was a well-turned line and really entices the reader into thinking more about the poem.
This poem is tender, sweet and very beautifully penned.10
Mild is the parting year, and sweet, well written
Beautiful reflective poem.
The coming of new year was as joyful as its parting had been sorrowful......so beautifully composed really very outstanding...........thanks for sharing
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