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Miles And Miles Apart.

Every morning i wake up, and i feel the world around me shrinking,
There is no place to hide, as deeper into the sorrow i keep sinking,
asking questions at a lifeless soul reflecting inside the mirror,
all i see is a forgotten face and eyes filled with pain and terror.

I can no longer push the legs, that don't want to move around the park,
all the journeys have been painful and there isn't a journey to embark,
all these plants and trees stand in testimony for the tears i have shed,
on these rocks you can find my love, once living but now lying down dead.

Thinking she is my world, i had built so many dreams beautifully around me,
now each and everyone of them are breaking, bringing me down to my knees,
My heart is so full of pain that the very thought of her makes me cry,
the air gets gloomy, and every beat of my heart asks 'Why don't you die? '

They all said, we have to take chances for the things we love in our life,
So i kept all my doors opened, hoping someday you will come and be my wife,
But i guess you were smart enough to escape through the doors i had shown,
With time i slowly realized that from your heart i have been slowly thrown.

Not knowing what to do, i wonder how much of time i still have to kill,
there is no one to love nor do i have any more promises left to fulfill,
running from place to place, there isn't a place left on earth to go,
have mercy on a soul lying at your feet and let the heavenly door show.

I thought you created all of us alike, but then why my love is still true,
even after she left saying 'I've found the man of my dreams and its not you',
i would still be happy, even if i could live in her shadows, all day and night,
and die peacefully someday, thinking i have done most wrong things right.

Lets put a full stop, before i drown and kill myself in the ocean of tears,
all have forgotten me, even the one who said I'll always be in her prayers,
when every one has moved on, why am i made to fight a battle of lost cause,
even if i win, i don't see anyone waiting to give me a hug and applause.

I don't know how many years still left, but lets make this journey short,
i no longer wish to live in a world, in which love is played like a sport,
And when i lie down dead, please do tell her to cut open my lifeless heart,
where she would still find my love running for her 'Miles And Miles Apart'.

by Kumar Kumar

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