Milestone No. 1

"Today I've reached a milestone,
Just four years to the day--
As a member in the N.L.P.,
With my poetry on display."

"The National Library of Poetry,
A Society to which I belong--
Have selected my poems for their anthologies,
Read by my peers, many thousands strong."

"I get great satisfaction,
And so much enjoyment, I'll say--
When I finish a poem, that's so diverse,
It's time to call it a day."

"Each month I enter their contest,
Some day I hope to win it big--
They'll select the poem I've written,
One of love, marriage and intrigue."

"My den looks like a library,
Anthologies here and there--
As long as I'll keep writing my poetry,
Hours of pleasure, without a care."

by Marty Rollin

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