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Miliza is in her late forties and she's what you'd call a female sage
And she has more wisdom and knowledge than many who are twice her age
It has been said she is a prophet that into the future she see
And she has forecasted great changes for the World and humanity.

She says by the year two thousand and twenty great changes will have come about
The human population will have dwindled from famines and diseases and drought
But the World it will be more peaceful and men will not wage war for Land
Or for God or for oil or for assets and borders too will not be manned.

The greedy and unworthy will perish and only the good will survive
And in a great new World of plenty everyone will prosper and thrive
There won't be guns or nuclear weapons and only the good will have power
And violence and crime will be unheard of and peace will bloom like a beautiful flower.

Miliza is in her late thirties a woman of substance and wise
And she says that the World it is changing and we are in for a surprise
We are in for a spell of great hardships but happiness will grow from there
And there won't be any violence and bloodshed and peace it will reign everywhere

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