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Milking Aunt Hulda's Cows
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Milking Aunt Hulda's Cows

Aunt Hulda, she slept in the nude
I stayed over, she called me a dude
Uncle Fritz told me 'NO'
in the closet you go
we two found this attitude rude.

I was five when I watched Uncle Fritz,
he was squeezing Aunt Hulda's big tits
I was wondering how
he could think her a cow
and I asked all the other kids.

And they laughed at my naivité
some suggested I go out to play
and that milking the cows
in Aunt Hulda's pink blouse
was the reason that milking hands pray.

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Comments (5)

Dirty... Old... Man...
Herbert, you know you are a dirty old man....lol cute poem!
Yes Allan, I just hatched one especially for you. H
i like poems about cows have you any udder poems about cows warm regards allan
Funny one Herbert. You do seem to have a fascination with 'udders'. Take care, Sincerely, Mary