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Millennium Party

We survived to farewell the nineteen nineties
And to the year 2000 raised the glass of cheer
And now I wonder why the celebrations
When for many it is just another year.

The new year celebrations are all over
And the city is quiet so quiet today
The empty beer cans and bottles picked up and the big party
is over
And why all the excitement anyway? .

Today the brewery owners must be smiling
Huge sales in alcohol for them the news is great
Tonight these wealthy people will be laughing
And they will have good cause to celebrate.

Yet last night it was such a great big party
And the celebrations went on till the dawn of day
The City Square packed with all different races
The locals mixed with those from far away

It was a night I always will remember
When strangers hugged each other on the street
Tomorrow once again they will be strangers
And pass on without greeting when they meet.

It was a night I always will remember
Of music, song and laughter, dance and joy
And at twelve o clock it all reached a crescendo
When the huge fireworks lit the City sky.

It was the City's biggesst ever party
But today it's back to the reality
That all of these great millennium celebrations
From the World will not alleviate poverty.

Last night the City Square was packed with new year revellers
But all is quiet so very quiet today
And restauranteurs and brewery owners the big winners
And why all the excitement anyway? .

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