Million Dollar Question

Many times I come across the term
"Positive thinking and positive approach"
If so then why does it make ugly turn?
For a person who wants to follow and live on

The hunger may compel him to snatch
The poverty may force him to fetch
So many factors lead person to commit sin
Such helplessness is never seen

Only handful of people speak of right turn
Rest of the people prefer short cut and easy term
Positive or negative, they want quick result
Life is quickly moved and built

It is good to think when belly is full
Without money, the life seems dull
If family suffers shortage of everything
The person is compelled to perform anything

It is always good to think
But how far it can save you from sinking?
That is million dollar question
Good quotes look nice in inverted comas

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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I really appreciate the ending. Silvana Saca20 minutes ago , the poem is very interesting. I enjoy the ending. It's very quotable. Comment +1
NICE Katherine Rawlings19 minutes ago Thought provoking
Many times I come across the term “Positive thinking and positive approach”