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Million Stars

There are a million stars up in the sky
But, only one star in a million attracts my eye,
Even though they all shimmer and they all shine
There is only one star that I want as mine.
So, when I wish upon the stars at night
I wish for only one to always to be in my sight,
So, upon that one and only star I will make my wish
Sadly to other stars and people I must seem selfish.
But, I indeed am not a selfish or a thoughtless man
There is one star and wish for everyone that will and can,
When I was a young boy I found my one and only star
It was shining down and upon me from afar.
Of the million stars I then chose just that one
It became the star that I make my wishes upon,
When at night I go out and up at the sky I do stare
I look for my star and hoping it is still hanging there.
Sometimes I will lie on my back and I will count the stars
Happily I will think to myself as I know that they are ours,
And that one star will be mine until that day that I die
It is the one and only star shining for me up in the sky.

Randy L. McClave

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