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Millstreet An Old Town

It's many famous people one of it's claims to renown
Millstreet in view of Clara a very famous Town
Of green old Duhallow a gem in the crown
For it's people and races of black, white and brown

For it's hospitable people Millstreet is quite well known
Where every visitor is welcomed as one of their own
One of the more multicultural rural Towns in the Ireland of today
Where many people make their homes in from Lands far away

One can say in truth far too many to name
Of Millstreet people who have known of fame
People for their achievements who are known far and wide
Who hail from the Town in Duhallow's green old countryside

To people of many a different culture and religion and race
Millstreet has become known as a welcoming place
If ever you visit the Town of Millstreet
People of varying backgrounds you surely will meet

A Town in full view of high Claramore
What can be said of Millstreet that has not been said before
By people who have visited there for a holiday
Or people from elsewhere who live there today

For it's hospitable people it has become widely known
Millstreet an old Town with a charm of it's own
Multicultural by nature and multicultural by name
But this only one of it's many claims to fame.

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