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Millstreet In Duhallow

I believe that the changes keep happening today
In Millstreet in Duhallow from Illowa far away
The old Town i loved in decades long gone
The years telling on me and time ticking on

Today i would be a stranger to many in the Town of Millstreet
And in the green countryside where the waterways meet
I have not seen old Clara for thirty one years
But old memories nowadays never move me to tears

Some of the people i knew there in Millstreet did not stay
And some of them where the deceased are do lay
And all i have are memories of the what used to be
Of many of the people i knew that i will never more see

The now is all that does matter as the wise one does say
And at the stroke of midnight the past will be today
Of the what used to be the memories we retain
Though old bodies do never become young again

It is only in memory i walk up and down
The once familiar sidewalks to me of Old Millstreet Town
Though i feel every day of my years of ten with three score
And i may never again climb on high Claramore.

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