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Millstreet's Forgotten Man

Recognized to be one of the finest singer songwriters of his genre in Europe over a two decade span
But in his Hometown in Millstreet in Duhallow the forgotten man
In Europe he is revered by music lovers in many a town
One of the few who has risen above local renown

Step forward Eugene Brosnan and you take a bow
You may not be celebrated in your old Hometown by the Finnow
But of all of the entertainers from Millstreet perhaps you are the best known
And on what you are good at in a class of your own

To what is only right one can only stay true
And credit always ought to be given to where it is due
That Eugene Brosnan's successess seem to be overlooked in Millstreet to me seems a strange thing
And why leave it to me his due praises to sing

Some two decades touring in Europe time does not stand still
One loved and admired by many far from the Town by Clara Hill
One far from his home-ground more famous elsewhere
And one who has known of renown in the big World out there

Of him great talent and originality cannot be denied
In Europe he has entertained far and wide
For as far as i know for more than a two decade time span
But in his Hometown of Millstreet in Duhallow he is the forgotten man.

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