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Millstreet's Most Unforgettable Character

It's a long way from Australia more than twelve thousand miles away
From County Cork and Ireland and the fields of Claraghatlea
But Mick Kelleher made that air trip he returned on holiday
And though the journey proved quite tiring he enjoyed his three months stay.

With him came his charming Aussie wife Rosemary and his lovely family
To live with him in the old place where he once lived happily
In the fields by Clara mountain where he hunted as a boy
Those were happy days for Michael and good memories never die.

I grew up with Michael Kelleher and I could tell a thousand tales
Of how we poached by night for salmon in November in the Cails
In his short career as poacher must have killed a thousand fish
And to spear that really big one was his most obsessive wish.

Lamping for song birds in Mountleader we spent many a Winter night
Around the laurels by the vet's house with small boxes and torch light
In search of elusive goldfinch though those pretty birds were rare
The sparrows and chaffinches were by the thousand there.

He dug for badgers and he dazzled for rabbits and he earned himself renown
As the most unforgettable character in Millstreet and Millstreet Town
But still he was a harmless fellow though oft times misunderstood
He was honest and kind hearted and he would help you if he could.

The passing years bring with them changes and things never stay the same
And Mick Kelleher has mellowed he has matured and grown tame
But he stilll has happy memories of a very happy youth
Spent in the bogs and fields of Clara where his manhood first took root.

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