(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)


What if I had never told you?
What if I had lied?
Would you still be my friend?
Would you have never cried?

I miss you more each day
My once dear good friend
More than words could ever say
I even dream of you

My dear Mimi
My sweet little skink
When you up and left me
It made me stop and think

If I had never told you
About the real me
Could we have grown closer?
Sadly, we'll never see

I told you so many things
When I shouldn't have said a word
And now you won't even talk to me
This is truly what I deserve

It tears me up inside
Knowing you've gone away
Sometimes I even cry
When I dream of if you had stayed

Honestly I loved you
With every fiber of my heart
And when you walked away
It was torn apart

I held you when you cried
And would have even stood up for you
You're the only reason I went to prom
But saldy now, we're through

You'll always be important to me
Through the darkness you will always shine
I hope only the best for you
Cause you were able to make me say truthfully, I'm fine

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