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Your nerves break suddenly
You get caught in tears
Your heart beats very fast
Your heart hurts, sizzles for
You get on your knees
Day networks, night networks, ground networks, sky networks! Like a little boy, like an old man, like a lonely orphan, you cry, cry for, your soul cry!
Seas overflow, lightning flashes, volcanoes explode inside!
Nothing will come from you, nothing will come,
You think of it, you think of your destiny, you think of life, your tears that are not intent on stopping will flow! It burns! Your sleep escapes!

Your voice is reduced, your throat is knotted
Even your inner voice is reduced, your heart is pierced
Your hair, your superior head will fall apart
The wind cries, the time cries, the grass cries! Then the dark clouds begin to fall apart, but the sun never rises, your world stops in a millimeter, neither night nor day,
You can live a cold, colorless life between day and night from now on, your eyes are always crying, your voice is always hoarse, quiet, walking is slow, rushing, unaware of whether your heart is beating...

Neither a friend nor a friend remains, you don't want anyone, you don't want to share it with anyone. You live a lifetime with your newspaper, bread, tea and cheese. Books, empty packs of cigarettes, coffee cups to drink, to be washed, stacked dishes and dusty glasses.

New life philosophy;

Few items, no people! Is now. You are old, your age will be sixty,
but your mind is still beautiful when you were hit in fifteen...

Lives without him, half dead, half alive
You can't live with anyone else than him!

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