Why War? Not Love?

We all live in the world created by god.
Everyone has a choice of good or bad.
When people make the choices, they nod.
There was no other way that they had.

Mischief, scandal, and tyranny make tears.
As major individuals leading wrongfully.
Maybe soon the end is near.
Then everyone will suffer painfully.

Where is the LOVE? < 3
The powerful thing that binds us to one big family.
Has it been pushed to the shove?
Then therefore the world would be living peacefully.

We should never do violence to cease.
It will never make you any better.
As great mind and coherent manners are an ease.
The the lives of others will never shatter.

All's fair in Love and War.
If there was more to give
Never make the world such a tore.
Then there would be more people to live.

As in a conclusion
And all of the above
Getting the world's attention
Why War? Not Love?

by Zaim MohdZamri

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