! Mind Games

Swaami Vivekaananda describes
the restless, vain, vindictive human mind
as monkey: agile, watchful, quick to move,
yet never quite at rest. And worse, we find -

intoxicated: selfish, full of pride,
that agile mind sent spinning into pain,
the boundless universe turned tiny box,
Man's measure never known. And worse again -

this cunning, drunken monkey's angry; stung
by his own scorpion bite: and so invents
his bitter enemies, their role assigned;
the human race divided by...our mind.

And thus the mindful Swaami with fine grace
reminds us - we're that godly human race...

by Michael Shepherd

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Relax, young Allan alias Ali! What makes you think Swaami Vivekaananda is writing about you...? ...
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