Mind Games

.......and thinking about it
when the time comes,
that all learnings
will converge
and you will have
the experience
of delight
and comfort.
Not at a later time
but now.
And you may wonder
about the
impossible actuality
which precedes all
of knowledge
and clarity
and brings about
to the phenomena
of life.
....and soon
I will want to
tell you
all about
your awareness.
Of that feeling
of acceptance
and of warmth
...and of profound
curiosity through the
changing focus
of your eyes.
Knowing what you can
and what you want
for now
and what you need
for other times
is allowing the
progression of
welcome satisfaction
into the totality of
So surprising
to you
and at last
you will wonder
how soon
you can forget
to remember
to forget.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

This is really good H, thank you
Powerful. Relentless. Moving. A superb verse, applicable to all.
Nice H. That really clicks, and AGAIN I love the way you end your poetry :)