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Mind Maps

Isn't it funny when you can't see a picture in time.
That you feel you need to keep searching to find.
Just what it is your looking for,
before your mind might shut the door.

For instance....everyday I chat online.
Never seeing faces, and they don't see mine.
But my mind keeps drawing up maps.
While I'm just sitting to chat.

Course after awhile you do receive clues.
Height, weight, color of eyes to name a few.
It's stored away in your memory banks.
So your mind won't ever need to draw blanks.

And if your missing part of the picture,
and things might seem a little obscure.
Your mind may play some tricks on you.
And make up pieces to complete the view.
And if perchance you ever may meet.
Your mind maps usually fall short of the peak.

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JoAnn you mind map of me wasn't so off the mark. But now that you've seen me you know what an ugly old sod I really am. (I can see you smiling when you read that line) It is true we all build picture in our mind of what other look like all of the time. Then for others we just haven't a clue. And other great poem I've stumbled on. Thank you for sharing it my friend. David
Mind Maps, I love the title yes I have pictures of my PH friends in mind. I love when they put a picture of themselves in their Bio, no more conjuring up in my mind, I have a real face. Love that, thought of putting mine on when I was about 25 but that would be misleading. Great poem JoJo, love your work.--Melvina--
Gremlins, fairies, wizards beard you’ll never know who's writing here You can conjure up a picture But will it ever meet its maker Will your mind’s picture be more faker Than a thirty dollar bill?