Mind Mysteries

Sleep is crucial to our survival
without it we die
so the next time you sleep in
remember it is akin
to mini hibernation
Dreams, and the “stuff” they are made,
and, why we dream
is, for sure, most obscure
but yet, we know,
during deep sleep
our minds are busy
creating memorable moments
during rapid-eye-movements
Memories - are like movie clips
of our waking and dreaming life
which we choose to select and play
for reasons too many to tell
as long as we remember
not to lose the remote control
Laughter is one of the least understood
of all human behavior
but yet, as a reflex spasm
it is similar to crying
having an orgasm
Aging - a given from birth
as we pass time on Earth
is programmed into
our genetic residue
by biological design
or, on a loftier note
a grand plan of origin Divine
Thoughts – and where they come from
or, why we have the ones we do
when we do
or, how and why they determine
what we do
is a conundrum of wonder
as to who is the driver

by William E. Marks

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