Mind Of Mine

Wandering the maze of my shorted out mind,
Searching for someone, or something kind
Banging my head against these padded walls,
Listening intently to people passing in the halls

Constantly re-wiring a shorted out frame,
They say I’m crazy, but there the ones to blame.
Come closer to me, and tell me your name.
I’ll tell you mine, but it’s never the same.

I’ll save my desert, to share with my friend.
If you sit down beside me, he’ll just move again.
I’m itching and scratching because theirs bugs all over me.
Their crawling all over, yet no one else can seem to see.

I start to scream at the top of my lungs,
When you come to the window, I’m talking in tongues.
You’ll come and get me, and take me to that room on the block.
Where you’ll hook me up to that machine, and give me a shock.

I’ll go back to my room in a lethargic state.
Where I’ll sit in my corner, rock back and forth and wait.
Maybe someday my pain will go away.
But for now I’m content, for here I will stay.

by Poison 9901

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