Mind Reader

(f) Mind reader do you hear my thoughts?
Do you hear my mind? Calling to you?
(m) When I look into your eyes
Yes I see right through

(f) You never escaped my soul
Do you understand my hidden desire?
(m) I’ve seen that look before
In your eyes Yes I see the fire

(f) Sometimes I drift back Too when I held you in my arms
And just for a moment our souls touched I felt so free from harm
(m) Yes I remember well of that night so long ago
The warmth of you embrace I never wanted to let you go

(f) Mind reader did you know
That I really, really want to hold you
(m) Come into my arms and we’ll see
Yes we will see it through

(f) Mind reader did you know
That I missed your smile and your sparkling’ eyes
(m) Only in our hearts There the truth
There the truth lies

(f) Did you know that I want
To watch you as you sleep
To touch your face
And to kiss your sweet lips as you dream
(m) Take my hand and
Come and hold me, come and hold me tight
I’ll cherish that moment forever
As I kiss you, kiss you goodnight.

(b) I’ve wanted
You for so long
To give me
Give me your sweet charms
I can’t hold back
I’m not that strong
So hold me
Hold me in your arms
Woo-woo- mind reader

by Aaron(AarionLee) Morris

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