AC (6/28/1981 / Mattoon, IL)

Mindless Puddles

'Stopping in midthought to take a break. Those sweet temptations...

That bitter-sweet tempting taste of a reality not so real.
A craving that strikes when the miraculous impurities of boredom hit you over the head.

When our imaginations interrupt our life
Suddenly we find it parading itself in front of us, when we look upon ourselves in the mirror.

'Ah...that bitter-sweet taste…'
….tempting, but not quite real
Real what?

Stopping in mid-thought, catching a breath,
As our life is put on pause

While everyone else continues, making it so
Much harder to catch up……..
Yet, bitter-sweet temptation…

Running, dripping down our face into mindless puddles
On the ground.
Why we keep running, is the question
That is being asked.

'Just take a break'
Just take a break'

Those sweet impurities, my friend,
That bitter-sweet taste.

Running from a reality that is quite so,
So…...not real.

Imagining in the mirror as our face brings us delusion
When our complexion is staring back at us.

'Just take a break'
From that bitter-sweet taste
Of reality, that lies untold
Into that mindless puddle
On the ground.

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