Poem Hunter
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)


Poem By David Taylor

Acting mindlessly without thinking
Stupidity, foolishness, madness, inanity
No this is not mindlessness at all
This is a description of a destructive mind
Broiling with thoughts and concerns
One in constant motion, a turmoil of ideas.

A still mind, now that would be good
Clarity of thought in a vast expanse
Full of creativity and ever watchful
Of those movements that disturb our peace
And interrupt our concentration of virtuous pursuits
No this is not mindlessness at all.

Leaping clear of minds entanglements
And residing in just I
And watching without concern
The rise and fall of echoes of the past
With no projection of consequence
Not my mind but universal spontaneity that “says”
I am.

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