Mindsets Disconnect 4-Creativity

Creative genius draws upon purity of perception void of stereotypes.
As Savants see the world as it really is, not bound by mindset hypes.
The brain can turn=off from the crowd to preform creatively.
More than half of savants are autistics; what’s vital sense or sensibility?

My child never talked before age of three; his brothers talked for him.
One child had his head full of math problems; later great music to begin.
Mindsets are disconnected in the brains of those so cleverly inclined.
Perhaps to become pro-active not re-active to excel in works of art divine.

What’s the difference from living on the edge or creating a cutting edge?
Perhaps the Faith-quake is the answer; when one sees from God’s ledge.
When surrendered to God, the mind’s not hindered by mindset’s facade.
The carnal mind‘s enmity against God, related in Rom.8: 7; God’s Rod.

by ArmourQuill Hunter

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