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Just thinkin about you
I cant help but smile
your the apple of my eye
you made it all worth while
you where there for me through thick and thin
I felt so comfortable telling you every last sin
and you still forgave me after all that i've done
Im one hundred percent sure your the one

You were my secret rain dropp when there was a drought
you were my bottle of hope, within and without
sometimes I felt like dying when I heard what they say
but at the end of the day
I found myself with you
so I knew they were lying

Our relationship was confusing
I didnt get it at first
but later on I got it
you were my thirst
Everytime I looked inside those dark brown eyes
I'd get lost in our little world
it was like we were in a dark ocean of secrets
just you and me
the rest was rural

You were my ray of sunshine when I was lost in darkness
when I found myself falling, you were my harness
the last time I saw you
I felt like it was time,
I gave you an innocent kiss
I knew you were mine
I'll never forget that day
I saw that one special smile
your adorabel dimples
once again you made it all worth while
It's been quite some time
I miss you so much
I cant help but hope maybe one day in the future
you'll be mine
I guess what im trying to say is I hope our love stays eternal
for you, for me, and for the rest of the world

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