Poem By Mien Bless

With all that has happened, between you and me
I am in doubt, if I can ever be
Fear of loosing you, suppresses me
You forgetting me, would just kill me

It started with like, but it surely grew
To something unexpected and uncontrollable too
I call it love, I know its true
My chest cant contain, this heart that beat for you

I know its love, I know its true
Its in every gesture, you have ever put through
Its when you feed me, with loving care
Its when you hold my hand, and I am no longer scared

Now and again, I think of you
Of all the time, I have spent with you
Every memory, we ever made
Has been captured, and locked away safe

Although I know, its the end of the line
I cant stop wishing, for that one last time
When I hold you, till the end of time
And tell you over and again, that you are mine

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