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Mine Is Simple Word
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Mine Is Simple Word

Mine is a simple word –
Passion rolls not towards a bitter end
and be the study today so frightfully intense,
a good man’s loyalty is so very hard to bend.
Gone are the days when beauty ruled the eye,
when aged poets and aged songs lent us a hand.
When there was too much between man amongst fools
than fools amongst man.
A promise held no bearing today -
when all it can do is soften the hands of time;
when man with too many memories
dies more of the wrongs he left behind.
But yet,
what is the fairest gift that immortal time can offer?
Is it the sincerity of wholehearted love?
or is it the blessing of baby’s smile?
Once again, we’ll come to realise our own –
too much of anything is never quite good enough;
so we seek our own, selfish myths, unique style.
When we want something, we try so hard to seek it.
When we have something, we don’t know how we treat it.
When we loose something, why do we still want to keep it.
There’s only selfishness and trust,
Two emotions in defiance of how we speak it.
Let us now understand life
in context of our own.
No one will conquer our mountains
we do it, we must reach it alone.
There’s love in life, no doubt
there’s too much some say.
Close your eyes and its gone
all too soon, just like yesterday.
Seasons change all year round
Thunder rolls with always the same sound.
There’s a hole in the sky
the sun shines completely through.
As we can see
we’re surrounded by ideals more important
than a worry for me or you.

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Langston Hughes


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