Take A Walk With Me,

take a walk with me,
take a walk with me,
ain't going to sit down and watch you cry,
Iam a pass by and see you shine,
I told you that,
What God hast love can never to hate?
What God hast built never to Break?
You're just a ruthless dog never waiting,
The devil is a killer,
A destroyer,
The devil's run into the cave you came from,
Attack you with burdens,
God is all the glory for Humanity,
My Father taught me the right rhymes,
All sloppilly I can see them all,
The world's a tilt,
Time to start the Revolution,
Maybe I follow it,
Not ready started it,
That the Sword is hard to get,
Before I said that I blunt and make you nervous,
This is my story,
Top ranking is for all those that love,
Come and see us shine,
That we all be fighting for Truth,
Can you see me?
Come and take a walk with me,
Iam a Prince that made you see,
This is my story,
Ain't no truth that is all in lies.
But Sword is for the Saints,
Where is Heaven is it for whilst the wilding of the man?
Where is Heaven if you can never see the globe clearly?
You got eyes,
Keep your eyes opened.

by maxpoet beauty

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