Minecraft - Almost There

Poem By Dylan Cunningham

Pickaxe Broken
Torches out
Growls of hunger echo out.

Will I stay?
Will I go?
Conscience says to, 'Let it go.'

Headed toward the light I seek.
A blocky shadow surfaced beneath.
A flash of light filled the cave.
The smoke had cleared but my ears still rang.

One heart remained.
No food left.
Home so far away.
Spelt certain death...

Zombies Rushed.
Skeletons Clanked.
The creeper creeped.
With no time to think!

The smell of porkshop fills the outside air.
Relieving the feeling of hunger and despair.

Home sweet home!
Oh, here I come!
Almost there!
Just run run run!

Arms length reach, to the door.
But... Through my chest an arrow bore...
So close, so close. I said to myself...
As the world grew red and my items fell.

Game Over

Comments about Minecraft - Almost There

it is the best poem ever
its soo good ive got an English assessment and ive writ that as my powme good look 4 futer powems
im stuped i am mister idot
I love the rhymes amazing
Cute! You should write one about finding redstone. Either that or hunting a creeper.

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