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Poem By kora O'neal

Never thought i would be the minority
in a family filled with minorities

same race as me
born same place as me
same mom
same pop
well at least two of the three
same opportunities as me

so why the hell am i the black sheep of
this here family

could it be that
i didn't have kids at sixteen
i speak correctly
i left the ghetto scenery
for the search of democracy

is it hyprocrisy
to say be all you can be
but when one does
it means he or she
thinks their better than she and he

why dream of picket fences and backyards if
you are willing to settle for
barb wire and claydirt with no grass

why get mad because my dreams
came true
did i have the same dream as you

no, not what happened to me

what happened to you
same mom
same pop
same couch
same bed
same dinner table
same t.v.
same clothes
same shoes

Same Dreams As You

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