Poem By Anja Kampmann

I never saw so much snow
never so many tracts of land frozen so thick
cold and icestill like the land that turns away from us
sinks into an inner conversation
the breadth with the breadth
some run across die croak thousands
dig and draw lines of wire into the
icy air in. The woods are deep
no one wanders within
only gradually unfolding history
the propellers of machines
ceaseless repetitions of
the cold
not will not earthbones only
how far can one run
when the heavens bend inward sleet grasps
the static of the heavens the stars
shiploads the dockers of foreign ports
coal bones hope for something
which lies distant
touched from deep inside
young beeches
bright or new or wind.
Translated by Anne Posten

Comments about Minsk

An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and elegantly penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Anja.

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[His flight does not lie in anatomy]

his flight does not lie in anatomy
between feathers and lighter bones
you sense a point where poplars
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About the Sea

The horizon is the concern here the
distance applying color the bright crackling
of surfaces of light and the spreading
of the light as it surges the sea


and no one knows how deep the lake is
over which you swim pyramids
of knowledge and far above the stars
softly shifting their answers but


of worry in words far from which
we keep the bees so that they
are not carried to the deepest corner
of the maps the dreams are already reached