Minus Two

Twenty third, grey and dull
Warming the corner of my sofa
My task and I feel a big shame
Missing you so much already

Two days before Xmas, and
Broken, lying on the table
Our 4th miniature wise man
We expect to shop a bit more

Minus two, Xmas tree plus seven days
The roasting bird's already waiting
I hide inside the mad burning love
Looking almost fine to who denies

23rd of December and quite guilty
Surely, I could be more happy
Sure, I am kind of very happy
But also not at all, look and see

I wonder about you, us, too much
I keep patching it, slowly, I am lost
Nothing makes sense between us, never has
Doubting my sanity for a good while

Once done here, my choice is paint
The wise man head cannot be glued back
I don't care, my baby bangs at the door
So at minus two it is Xmas, here, for me

by Marilyn Jean

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Lying broken! ! Missing you! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.