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Minutes In Heaven
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Minutes In Heaven

The streets I've walked before show me nothing
Clouds growing into thick layers among the skies
Until I feel the wind push on my back
The sun shines and my eyes see nothing but you

Everyone is frozen, except you and me
I can't get myself to blink my eyes
And I'm too afraid to let a breath out
What's important is seeing you here, at last

My surroundings have vanished after one step I take
A golden glow of light is seen through the darkest clouds
Is this a dream in my mind?
Or is it real and I can see it all?

We walk up to each other on the clouds
Our eyes are connected, as if they were one
Both our hearts beat loud enough to hear from a distance
Racing at the same pace with two hearts

Embraced in your arms for the first time
My tears slowly rolling down my face
Drop onto my hands, which hold you tight
Please, please don't let go

I want to feel your arms around me forever
This moment, this moment won't last much longer
The warm glow starts to fade away
I'm not ready to say goodbye to you again

Your grip begins to become softer and softer
I cry even harder this time, without hiding my sadness
For one last time, I look in your eyes, with tears in mine
Don't leave me with tears in my eyes

Before you left, you wiped away my tears
Whispered to me goodbye again
Gave me one last hug and walked away
With the last few minutes I cherished in heaven

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