Miracle Finger Nail Life Toe Hold Nuked

mangroves child miracles finger nail life
growing in fold sea margins saline coastal
in sediments hostile habitats thrive embed
life intertidal existence trees salt adapted
represents major limitation to claw species

able flows thrives in kiss cool wave embraces
high tide brings in salt water time tide recedes
solar evaporation binds toxic salt seawater in soils
leads increases in salinity till return of tide flushes
out salt concentrated soils restores salinity levels

comparable to surge ocean seawater communities
bake low tide organisms exposed sharp increases
in temperature rake desiccation then cooled flooded
by sea tide sweep plants animals to survive tolerates
intertidal salinity temperature moisture broad ranges

life limited by extreme key environmental factors
only a select few species survive mangrove habitats
when humanity nukes fertile landscapes scorpions
crawl over click radiation unaffected bask in suns
bursting nuclear years wait out ice nuclear winters

solid frozen for years in ice at thaw happily breathes
wonders opportunity new world with cockroaches
insecticide death dealing humanity hate consumed
but a blip life bubble burst scorpions cockroaches
rise up enduring man comet strikes in ages millions

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)


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