JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

Miracle Of Faith

The infinite cycle of life real wealth, manifestation of
Nature, accumulation of all things held up to determine
The passage sequence of event. The unusual faith,
Power to cast away fears, surrendering heart to take
Hand in every words, flow to the deep sense of one particular
Individual. The life experience absorb the distance things
Pure heart moves in, sprinkle like a gleaming water falls.
The power of faith that leads to reality.

Love and life stands every moment; feel free, keeping and
Taking the journey. God fulfill his duty, changeless word will change lives.
His own principles are willing to serve, rewards and repay life.
He whisper words through the deepness thoughts view mind
The miracle of touch create healing, trusting, renewing to
Those individual who want to go on in life, to experience the
Greatness of being alive. The surface scene of wonder constantly moves.
The soul and the body connect true worship
Done by best execution of one individual.

The castle life holds of God in any direction.
The beauty of senses through sight recognize him in all level.
The power, vision, faith and belief, freedom to stand them all.
The shower of miracle scatter over distance places, dream
Vision holding time table watching it. The whisper of the heart with
The knowledge of thoughts strengthens by faith. All things becomes
Reality, the bliss to taste the flavour of true life. God works bear result,
Fruitful labour gives praises to God. The receptive heart smile,
Wondering, God himself exist to the lives of one individual,
Time has come unyielding.

© Jocelyn Sumido-Dunbar
22 February 2005
12: 15 AM

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