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Miracle Of Your Heart.......

I love your miracle heart to sooth my soul
I want to wrap you in my arms with love
If you are not here then my tears will stain my heart
I always keep your memories in my heart
because they are beautiful and never die even I die
When the nights come then I can hear your heart beat
calls me to come near you to share the power of love
When the morning comes then I recollect my last night
dream with you and learn the language of love
My love on you can not be erased because
there is nothing in my life other than your miracle love
Your miracle love could take my pain and tears away
when you open your mind and speak with your heart
My heart seek you as waves that seek the shore
My soul seek you as dreams that seek the reality
My love seek you as the moon that seek the sky
Let your miracle heart brighten my soul from obscurity

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