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Poem By Rishiraj Neog

I walked around in the desert sand,
The bare sun shone again;
But like a wild rider, I went on,
Bathing in the scorching sun;
Like in a reverie,
I was captured by the embrace
Of my abyss subconsciousness.

As I passed by the bits
And pieces of life that were scattered around,
Like in a cloudburst of misery,
I felt like I, in the devastating calm,
Was the lone survivor of a
Global crusade.

But then, in a far sighted glimpse,
There was a seemly city in its utmost years;
The lake beside which seemed resurrected
With blooming life and a sense of
Dissolving strife.

Captivated by the anxiety of probing
A new land,
A new culture,
And new people who make life worth living,
I cruised ahead to destiny’s call,
With faith, which just a while ago,
Seemed blank and null.

I went on, on and on,
To quench my aggravating thirst;
But with every step I took,
The city perished fathom by fathom;
The lake dried and the people
Cried with fear, pain
And reviving agony.

For a while, in the somnolence of time,
I realized that the solace of my life
Had been frozen down to a period,
Odd of everything else,
Where now is unexplained,
And then, is undesired.

Now every step of mine
Is a mistake, a threat
To myself and those innocent lives;
For this indifference, this pain,
And misery subdued by the fake elixir,
Is just,
A Mirage!

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