While walking through the Majari Dessert and
much to my surprise, What I thought was a
mirage was a Burger King before my eyes
How did I know it was real?
I could smelled the fries...
I walked up to the window and what did I
see? A whole lots of people eating together
like a big family.
The grownups were eating whopper and fries
and the little one's ate chicken nuggets with
barbecue sauce served in little buckets.
Now I open my eyes
I said, I'm going in for a whopper and fries
As I walked through the door everything went
black and I fell to the floor
When I opened my eyes I was riding in a
truck saying "where's my Burger and Fries?
What I said to myself was, Was it Burger
King or was it a real Mirage I've seen before
my eyes?
It's funny but I can still smell the fries.

by Anthony Mercorelli

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