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Mirage In The Desert
PJ ( / India)

Mirage In The Desert

Poem By Pratap Jayavanth

Over burning sand dunes and through merciless desert storms.
Like their forefathers who taught them how to face nature's fury,
The Bedouins with their goats and donkeys, horses and camels,
Push relentlessly ahead against all odds in their eternal search,
For the shimmering oasis of life, far, far away in the distance.
When the heat of the day melts into the cool darkness of night,
They would sink their weary limbs around hastily-built campfires,
As they feast and drink, the young sing and dance in gay abandon,
And elders watch the sparkling stars and the shape of the moon,
As it plays hide and seek like a virgin bride behind a veil of clouds.
Even before the golden rays of the sun could herald another dawn,
They prepare for a long and gruelling journey into the unknown,
The battle for survival must continue as it always has in the past,
While the crusade for peace shall ever remain an eternal struggle.
Will the footprints on the sands lead to the mirage in the desert?

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