Distant Lovers

Day after day/they greet each other from miles away/impossible to date each other 1,000 miles away/they're presence is distant, but close in spirit/considered soulmates, declared chosen spirits/a long distance relationship/unsure if they can savor it/eager to embrace each other, they're each other's favorite/she misss him dearly/she goes'I need your presence near me'/and he says'I'm busy on the road, gotta feel me'/he's occupied, on the go, shows and auditions/while he's feeling guilty because he's not at home with his mistress/they're distant lovers/eager to get under the covers/and cuddle up and down to give their all like no other/they miss each other so much/so far away, so what/and he's like'Honey, you gon' be so happy when I show up'/he's busy doing showbiz, she awaits his arrival/without each other they're nothing, emotionally suicidal/love long distance/but keep it persistent/being distant lovers is not what they intended/she calls him up like'What about our honeymoon? '/and he says'Hang tight, love. I'll be home soon....'

by Kris Smith

Comments (3)

I do love this sad poem really, so close to me. So beautifully written, perfect for me.
The metaphor of love as a mirage is brilliant! How even something that never comes to pass, has a major impact on who we are.
what is the rhyme scheme and the number of metrical feet per line? ? i don't understand... and what is this about? ?