A mirror spearates us,
Just one piece of glass stops our touch,
Yet no-one can pass.
A hand out to reach you,
And one there for me,
The glass faults our fingers,
Yet love I can see.
In your eyes shining through clear,
I can't let you go,
I'm clutched at by fear.
I press against your mirror,
Desparate to fall through,
And be held in your arms,
My wish comes true.
I float through the crystal,
And into your arms,
You hold me close,
My heart starts to calm.
I start to pull away,
To look into your face,
To ask why you're here,
Locked in this glass safe.
But your arms tighten more,
I can't even move,
It starts to dawn on me,
The awful horrible truth.
It's not for you,
This georgeous glass cage,
It's so that the world,
Can't ever feel your rage.
I strain against the arms,
Holding me to your chest,
Search your eyes for love,
But though I try my best.
I see only hate as you smile down on me,
Your eyes glowing red,
Don't hurt me, you love me,
Or so you said.
You won't hurt me, you're mine,
I give you life,
Surley this is better than being stabbed by a knife.
As the hypnotic spell begins to take hold,
Your nails pierce my skin,
And the lies start to unfold.

by EMMA Funnell

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nice words really liked
i like this 1 emz its my fave 1 so far: -D anymore? XxsarahxX