on my way back home,
i saw children play,
with smiles and laughter,
and i wish that i could laugh together,
play together,
like old days,

then saw teenagers arguing something,
with range and unsatisfied,
with tear,
with fear,
then a person come,
and it calmed them,
how I'd prevent a fight,

on bridge i stood and looked,
with curiosity and uneasy,
saw a man standing on the edge,
with disappointed looks,
with depression,
stood by his side,
and with calm voice,
says 'how heavily the rain fall,
in the end rainbow will follow',
because that is way of life,
the man shake his head for a moment,
and says 'thank you'.

by Cyrus Shaftang

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On BRIDGE I STOOD and looked. this is really an interesting poem shared on desk.