Poem By Symone Raven

I’m looking at myself in the mirror.
Asking myself after all the hard works I have done,
what does this stranger want from me? !
I don’t know am I staring at him or he is staring at me?
I don’t want to believe what I see.
I close my eyes for a secont.
I’m asking myself if there is anyway I can take this mask off.
I start shaking my hand.
My hand tells me everything I had to know.
They point me in the mirror and telling me that it's you in the mirror,
not anyone else.
After all these days, I've been walking in the stories with loneliness in every secont.
I can tell from my face that there is nothing left in me.
Mirror is trying to tell me I am the one who wanted to catch the sun with my hands.
But now the darkness of nights is my place and I am dying silently in it.
I broke the mirror so it won’t talk about my past and dreams again.
But mirror breaks into thousand pieces, but there is still my picture in every broken piece.
Pictures are telling me with funny faces, cut the hope from the sky.
There is no difference in your days; they all smell the same old desire.

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