(1989 / Tehran-Iran)


Mirror Mirror On The Wall... I See a Girl Going to Fall..
I C a Girl that Seems So Sad...
I C a Girl Who Is So Mad..

She looks In a Mirror..

She Looks At Her face

She Looks.. She Stares! ! ..

She Finds In The Mirror
No Grace.. No Grace....

What Am I Doing In Dis Cruel Space
What Should I Do To Feel MY Face..

To Feel The Grace..

To Feel Useful..

To Feel.. To Be..! To Be Greatful..

To Sense them All..To Be Hopeful..! ..
To Actually Feel that Im.. -Beautiful..!

Even If Im Not..!

But Im Thankful..

I Am Thankful!

IS that Tears Falling Down My Eyes?

Is It Fear My Heart Always Buys?

Is It The Joy that Always Dies?

It Always Dies!

It Always Dies! !

(Soha Bayat Kheradmand)

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Mirror! Mirror! on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all, May it be me not, I hope, For the prettier you are, the harder you fall You done a swell job composing such illustrative powerful poem. Look who's burning with jealousy...LOL. Take care. Best Wishes, Mohammad
We don’t want to see Behind the mirror Satanic moments Terrible error Close your eyes Wipe the brass Turn on the light Make it glass well done...thanks for sharing