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Mirror Image
SC ( / Philadelphia)

Mirror Image

Poem By Sunitria Couser

Looking at myself in the mirror
It isn’t much to look at
Lines across the plains
That was suppose to be my beauty
Where have my self gone
The one that eyes shined so brightly
The sun was blighted out by its brightness
To see me today
I wonder what happen
As I look in the mirror
What I see now
Disappoints me and makes me wonder
What happen?
Years before this time
I was held highly in the light of recognition
So what happen?
The mirror has yet to crack
From the ugly building inside
It sits and stays whole
Tormenting me everyday
Even a clothe covered one
Still lures me in
And makes me look
At the lines hidden inside
The lines of age and decomposition
Of all the things I see in this frame
The mirror shows the one thing I dread most
The slow increasing
Of the lines
The ungraceful arrival of aging

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