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Mirror Man
MS (December 14,1989 / Bloomington Indiana)

Mirror Man

I caught a stranger today looking in at me
from across the room through a window i did see
and with a hint of recognition, something faint but something still
surely i swear i knew him, yet seemingly my shoes he could fill

I stood and studied the man standing behind the glass
and found him of low stature and of even less class;
built as a bull, clever fierce and strong, and bred for war
with looks of small capacity never knowing whats in store

And still this feeling hauntingly persisted
so i moved to better see and mirroring, he shifted
It was an outrage, this man, this mime, this mockery
moving to the door, i looked back to see him turn to flee

And so i shot at him through the window
to my suprise the whole mirage was ruined and all came crashing down below
with my mind abuzz and anger aside
i set to investigate how this new mystery tied

Where was the window and all beyond that
so perplexing it was, i had to think, and so i sat
and long i pondered, and pondered i did hard
until i walked close and picked up a glass shard

And peering down in such bitter distaste,
how could i readily miss it and be so displaced
that even though the answer was so clear, yet I could not see
that man, I am he

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Amazing! Wow! A very deep and thought provoking write that clearly reminds me when I wrote 'A Distorted Mirror: . This excellent write gives you away it really shows your poetic talent and cleverness! I love it! 1+++ Well deserved! Keep inspiring the World with more such talented writes! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...
Really like this. Really good write.