HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Mirror, Mirror

'MIrror, mirror on the wall'
Don't dare to look, it might crack and fall.
I'm too scared to look at my reflection
To be reminded of all the abuse and rejection.

I look such a mess to which people tend to agree
I will never meet 'Mr Right', who in their right mind would marry me?
All my life I've been told how much I look like my mother
I try to change but it's in the genes, so I will continue to suffer.

I have always been told I was useless and fat
So I starve myself, hope that I can disappear if I'm flat.
Everyone keeps saying that I look better now
So don't dare to ear, don't want to return to being that fat cow!

I can't eat in front of people, cause they all sit and stare
I feel so belittled, they make me like like I'm bad and it's really unfair!
When I do eat it makes me feel sick
I need to be punished, it needs to be quick.

I know i need food in order to function
But I don't feel hungry and can't cross this junction.
I can feel myself getting fragile and weak
Can't stand to put food in my mouth, I must be a freak!

Eating Disorder.....What does that mean?
I try to explain but people don't listen, I can only be seen.
Some people accuse me of doing it for attention
When the truth is it's my way of dealing wtih things I can't mention.

I still feel really fat and ugly
There is nothing anyone can do to help me.
'Mirror, mirror on the wall'
Don't dare to look, it might crack and fall.

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Rudyard Kipling


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