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Mirror Or Your Mind

When you look at your reflection,

The mirror may reveal a deception;

But if your heart is pure and true,

Then it will show the way to you.

The door to your soul can be seen;
Look into a mirror and you'll know what I mean.

You started living for a lie,8
Thinking things would get better as life passed you by.

So shatter the mirror to rid your reflection

Of each little imperfection.

Deep down, you know you're still the same;

You only have yourself to blame.

Deep in your eyes - the mask you wear

Can't hide the fact - the truth is there.

You found the truth with just one look;

A mirror was all it took.

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well that was a poem to tell people lying is not right because you will always no the truth inside and you can't run away from your self so that a good point nice job!